Yoga is deliberate practice of bringing your full awareness to the present moment and in doing that you explore the balance of effort and release. – Danielle Shields

Danielle was certified to teach Hatha Yoga back in 2014 from Ruby and Pearls Yoga Studio, in Fort Myers FL in 2014. She did so following her own struggle with anxiety and depression and discovered the benefits extended far off of her mat. As her psychological and physical flexibility improved, Danielle began exploring how she can incorporate yogic and meditation practices with other individuals struggling to accept themselves and life as it is. Danielle discovered that the over 3,000 year old tradition allowed her to experience herself in a new way, restored her sense of center, improved her physical health, as well a tension releasing coping skill. Just as her physical body adjusted, Danielle recognized the attitudinal muscles of radical acceptance, nonjudgment and nonresistance grew as well.

Traditional Chinese medicine has for century’s utilized Yoga and Qi Gong moment therapy as a way to cure physical and mental illnesses. With TCM, the belief is that energy needs to continue to flow in order to be healthy. When there are blocks, just like in a stream, disease forms in standing water. When the water moves, the current naturally purifies and limits bacteria making water drinkable. This is just one more reason why yoga can be cathartic to both the body and mind.

With Yoga you can discover:

-energetic blocks can be realized, breathed through and eventually released

-improve mental and physical flexibility, adjust to change

-yogic breath work can reduce need to be in control improving the practice of letting go

As a RYT  200, Danielle works to incorporate the benefits of yogic tradition and practices with her clients. Danielle provides yoga and group therapy classes that incorporate her practices of meditation. Danielle’s yoga studio at ADVANCED PSYCHIATRIC CARE, PC offers classes up to 8 students, in order to provide individualized care within the group setting. Following yoga guided by Danielle, the group will process together and build experientially on their psychological benefits of their practice or what came up.

Danielle’s style of yoga is inclusive and restorative, blending a variety of forms and most importantly encouraging organic movements. Meaning, whatever the body feels in the moment. This helps our mind also trust the natural wisdom that is flowing through us at all times.

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself, the challenge is to silence the mind”- Caroline Miss

By allowing free flowing organic movements, following simply what feels good we began to trust the natural intelligence that is always there to be our guide. We then simply  have to follow our feel good. This focus as a by product starves the attention of what the mind thinks should happen and instead flows with what is.