I could boil down every single “issue” that clients or friends state they have it comes down to this: a deep sense of unworthiness, feeling we are not enough and a lack of self-love. That may be the collective pain body Ekhart Tolle talks about or the collective unconscious every human shares that so many Zen teachers  and mystics discuss.

What became transformative to me is when I saw this “wound” not only in myself but everyone around me.  I realized we all believed this. It wasn’t until I started to heal my own wound of not “being good enough” that I saw life and people differently. The messy disorganized yard, was enough. My family member who yelled and was angry, was enough. We and it- the situation, is all enough. It is just our judgment that it should be better or different.

The healing comes when we bring our concentration to whatever it is that we are experiencing. And experience it fully, with our full consciousness. When we do that, the moment becomes transformative. Then there may be a new understanding, a shift in self perception. That new knowledge is power but only powerful when applied. The lesson is learned when we experientially feel the understanding and it turns to a knowingness. That is profound understanding. The truth is all of life’s “problems/flaws” can we “solved” by this process. Because it is the act of awareness that dissolves the illusion that there ever were problems to begin with. Now I know that when I first heard these concepts, I felt residence and began to defend my positionally “no that behavior is unacceptable, if he loved me he would have, that person shouldn’t have cut me off”. The positionally is – being wronged. In order to be wronged – you are stating you are in the right, and they or it is wrong. There by choosing to be wronged with the gratification of being “right about it”. Dr. David Hawkins states: “There is only one thing you have to surrender- the payoff you get out of whatever positionally you are stuck in”. Once you have identified it, you’ll see it each time it comes up in the future and that is where the awareness builds.

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