unnamed 300x233 - Recommend Healers

I am not the only one.

Listed below are people I personally recommend, they in some way helped remind me, what feeling good feels like.  Since what we hold in mind, tends to manifest in the body, I have included some energy and body healers that have helped me tremendously!

Dr. David Kelley Marriage and Family Therapist davidgkelley.net

David has one of the most successful MFT practices in town and theres a reason for it. He has such a calm and clear disposition that allows him to work so easily with clients and their intimate relationships.

Ivette Gomez Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Yoga Teacher *Spanish Speaking http://ivettegomez.com

Ivette is my idol! She has mastered the art of living well, mindfully and consciously and that is what makes her so special as a therapist and holistic healer. She is well read and has over 20 years of experience incorporating energy healing, a spiritual frame work and intuitive sense that guides clients through the muck towards a clearer sense of who we really are at our core. I was once a client of Ivette’s and owe a tremendous amount of my work with clients to her.

Lindsey McCrum, Licensed Massage Therapist 239-229-3627

 Lindsey is so gifted. Her hands and unique knowledge of the body allow you to dive deep into relaxation for maximum healing. Lindsey has a profound understanding of the mind body connection. I feel my spirit is realigned after a visit with Lindsey, whether it is the essential oils she uses, her craniosacral massage or energy work, Lindsey has it.

Michael Withers, Licensed Massage Therapist 239-851-0067

Michael single handedly saved my shoulder from surgery. Following a sports injury, I was referred to him and his approach to massage was life changing. He is magic with his hands but an unexpected and rejuvenating benefit is the meaningful insights Michael adds to his sessions. He may point out an alignment that is due to your habits of walking or where our body is holding stress and emotion that may not be evident.

Dr. Liu’s Acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor    239-939-1222      http://liusacupuncture.com

Dr. Liu is one of a kind and a treasure to our area! With over 40 years of practice experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine, he is a wealth of knowledge.I have personally went to him for a variety of health aliments and following acupuncture or herbal remedy, found relief.