Above is one of my favorite quotes that a recent victim of violence stated as she chose her new position in centering and standing in her truth. Whether your life is “going well” or “everything has gone to shit”, like one of my client’s like to put it, you have a choice each moment to stand in your truth. First, you must discover what is your truth. What I still strive to discover is the truth that I have heard over and over, that truth is love and there is nothing else. Standing in love, with yourself and life as it is- is the most powerful, joyful, wondrous knowingness I have ever felt. I have touched it many times but do not live in that state always.

The key is that once you touch it and you realize that – then when you are not there – you know then what you can return to.

So often we have to dissolve beliefs about our self, life and how it should look and surrender to what is. When we do that we can be lighthouses, emanating our truth, our power, our lovingness. That joy and love that comes through us is the shinning that illuminates everything that is not that. The illumination is what brings awareness for us to see blocks, see areas of forgiveness and continue to go on shinning. The beauty of this whole paradigm is that when you do that for yourself- you also are that for others. Out of consequence for what you have become, you have changed the world and transformed others in your presence. You go then unconsciously giving others the permission to see themselves in that way, to behold that for themselves.

An error in thinking for myself comes, when I see someone who has embodied that and I then seek out that person, to learn from or more honestly – to try to get what they have. I have been the seeker and the receiver of this manipulation. I have watched myself cling to people and become attached out of the nature they live their lives and the joy that emanates from being around them.. only to return to myself and feel void and incomplete.IMG_2034.jpg

That is the gift. That is the illumination. The gift is to see, that you feel void and incomplete in your own presence. It has nothing to do with the other person, for they only mirror what you are, underneath your faulty belief of ‘not being enough, as you are’. So we work, we surrender, we accept that feeling that emerges and we lovingly forgive ourselves.

The illusion and fog eventually clears and we see that we were always capable of that joy and once assured we are the source, never live in fear again that we could be without.

Now imagine two lighthouses standing together, in the world. Standing on their own but together in what they are. Two, then three, then blossoms of lighthouses. That would be a powerful, awe inspiring illumination.

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