Mindful Living Coaching & Spiritual Guidance:

There is nothing to heal; Something to know. And when that understanding becomes knowingness. That is everything. – Danielle Shields


As a Life Coach, I work to hold the space in session for you to sit with yourself and see yourself and life as it has never been seen before. This new perspective can be profoundly cathartic as you are encouraged to experience the totality of your emotions, thoughts and feelings. Only then do you realize you are so much more than them.

Much of our own suffering can be alleviated when we share it with another, when we have the courage to look into our discomfort and pain (lean into it), we can discover how the moment is serving us, in whatever form it comes in. 

IMG 3272 300x225 - ServicesMy sessions bring a shift in consciousness. They are not interesting, in the sense that you can play around with concepts. Once you are ready and choose to begin the process, we will work together to accelerate the dismantling of everything holding you back and allow the truth of who you are to emerge. 

Space Consultation

Our home and office environment matter. When you walk into a space you can feel the energy, it can be either relaxing and restorative or chaotic and stress invoking. Space consultation involves perceiving the needs of the work or home environment and how the space best meets those needs.

I often found that changing a client’s internal world, left them wanting a distinct change in their external environment.For example, improving a couples marriage may fall flat when they return to the same dull bedspread and piles of magazines on nightstands. So I started offering my intuitive design and knowledge in what I call space consultation. I am available to come to residential and commercial spaces, offering guidance and design expertise that will help you’re living and work environment feel as good as the insides. A paint color adjustment, decluttering, new bedding or rearranging furniture can make all the difference and sometimes a fresh perspective is all thats needed. If you would like to know more about past projects, I have done and see photos, email me at livingtheexhale@gmail.com.

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Danielle’s Healing Space

Clients are asked to come 15 minutes early, to fill out paperwork or you can print and download New Client form: EXHALE NEW CLIENT FORM


First Session (60 minutes) $ 75.00

Individual Coaching (60 minutes) $ 75.00 

Couples Coaching (60 minutes) $ 75.00

Space Consultation (60 minutes) $75.00

*Online Coaching Available*


Danielle is not a licensed therapist at this time. If you are in need of Mental Health Therapy please, Click HERE for list of Local Mental Health and Substance Abuse resources.

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