aaeaaqaaaaaaaaxaaaaajgvhntbhzdzllwrkndutndjimi1imgyzlwq0ntixmwiwmgy1zqMy name is Danielle Shields. 

I specialize in Mindful Life Coaching and Spiritual Counseling also known as Transpersonal Psychology.  My clients are sick and tired of suffering and willing to learn a new way to be. With my help, they are ready to face themselves, free themselves from past pain, attachments, and worries, so that they can take empowered action towards the life they want. Clients choose me because they appreciate my real and honest approach. They sense my nonjudgmental attitude and sincere ability to help them feel better. Clients report improved relationship with themselves and others as well as successful completion of personal and professional goals. Clients leave sessions feeling optimistic, connected, and authentic.
I utilize Mindfulness therapy, DBT skills, and Energy healing. My background in Western Psychology (MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling) mixed with Eastern Philosophy, helps client’s feel better mentally, physically and spiritually. With my help, clients stop seeking outside of themselves for answers and become conscious of their self defeating thoughts and behaviors.
Retraining your brain can be easy with the right tools. I am an avid meditator and certified Yoga instructor. I too have suffered which is why I am so passionate about helping clients. I believe availability is paramount, please call me for a free consultation at 239.850.8779.

I believe life is a lesson that unfolds moment to moment. The information provided on this website is a mix of my own thoughts, experience working with clients and personal exploration to help meet that lesson as it unfolds. The work cited is a culmination of teachers, videos, books, and friendships throughout the years that have helped me get to the state of being I call, Living the Exhale. I moved from habitually responding to life to intentionally living and most of the time, surrendering becoming a lover of what is.

Everything on this website, I have come to know as my truth and have helped me realize a peace; I realized was there all along. A peace I have touched many times and bring myself back to, once I realize I am not there. Mindfulness is less about learning something new or doing anything, and more of letting go and dissolving the noise and defense we build against happiness. Basically, I aim to be a teacher of letting go and forgiveness (for yourself and life as it is) which ultimately brings the peace that acceptance allows.

My therapeutic approach and things I typically incorporate:

  • Humanistic
  • Energy Healing
  • Mindfulness Skills
  • Meditation in sessions
  • The Work by Katie Byron
  • Shifts in Lifestyle (diet, excercise)
  • Growth Mindset
  • 12 Steps
  • Yoga or Movement Therapy

Some of my goals:

  • Nourish and heal the relationship clients have with themselves; that relationship sets the precedent for every other relationship in their life
  • Generate realistic action steps towards identified goals
  • Meet clients where they are at and hold space for them to become their own guru
  • Model unconditional acceptance of what is and eventually Love what is through nonattachment, nonresistance, and non-judgment
  • Teach clients to master their difficulties, leaning into it, inquiring into it and allowing it to dissolve in its time
  • Cultivate a presence that allows whatever needs to arise; healing past wounds and letting go of future fears
  • Facilitate a shift in self-perception, which in turn changes how you see the world

Clients teach me a tremendous amount every day and I am extremely grateful for the privilege to work with the people that have chosen to explore their worlds with me.

Education and Tools I have acquired on my journey:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from University of Central Florida,  2011
  • Master in Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, 2016
    • CACREP Accredited program; 1000 supervised internship experience
  • Work at Park Royal Hospital since 2016, providing initial intake assessments evaluating clients criteria for inpatient care.
  • 2016 Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher
  • 2016 Children’s Functional Assessment Rating Scale (CFARS) Rater ID Number 802-041-572 2016 Functional Assessment Rating Scale (FARS) Rater ID Number 805-034-937
  • 2015 Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) Certified
  • 2014 200-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Ruby & Pearls Yoga Studio
  • 2014 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitations (CPR) Certified
  • 2014 American Counseling Association Member; Liability Insurance active to date


CLIENT TESTIMONIALSthank-you-200x200

Below are a client’s own words after starting the journey with Danielle.


23 year old,  Female: Danielle has helped me tremendously in learning to live a more peaceful life. It is amazing what having someone to talk something through can do – and she is one of the best listeners out there. She always helps to reframe something and reminds me to be mindful, take a step back, and observe my thoughts rather than being caught up in them constantly. I would highly recommend her to anyone living with any sort of anxiety, especially those looking for a effective alternative to medication. If you’re nervous about “therapy”, don’t be because she is so open and welcoming.
62 year old, Male: I started working with Danielle Shields for around nine months, with a personal objective to becoming more emotionally stable and relaxed.  I find her professional approach to be a fine mixture of old and new, of western rationality and eastern spirituality.  Ms. Shields insights and recommendations have been hugely beneficial to me, my wife and my family.  I look forward to continuing my growth with her!  I highly recommend her practice!