This video for me has so many powerful messages. The two I use most often with clients is when your feeling overwhelmed, get out of your head and focus simply on“what is the next right move?” Getting still and centered allows you to then  focus on just the next right step. Even if it is as simple as attending to your hunger needs and making a pb&j, asking yourself what is the next right move for you to make can make an arduous problem seem a little more doable in small bites. Whether the situation is going through a divorce, the death of a loved one or significant change in life can be extremely overwhelming. Focusing on small but incremental changes is the best way I know how to move through the chaos. Second, it is a great reminder that when you feel you experience a failure “you get as much from your losses as from your gains”. In the big picture, everything is moving you, shifting you expanding your learnings and awarness. This is once again calling us out of our little minds and stepping into a bigger perspective. Looking at the whole scale of your life- everything is happing for you, not to you.

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