Below is a copy from a email I received, from a great friend Phyllis. After a moment of making a great change I emailed her, she replied with this. This is a gentle reminder for when we make a decision, fearlessly, for our highest good and yet are faced with the unknown.

Read below to yourself. All truth is the same and let absorb whatever resonates with you. The rest forget.

Dear ______________,
Those moments when we have been true to our highest good are the ones that let us know what it feels like to be alive in the truest sense.  Our first taste is exhilarating and there is a tendency to conclude that it is an end of story moment.  Then daily life with its barrage of feelings and thoughts comes upon us.  It is then that doubt, fear, loneliness can seep in.   That is when our eyes have to stay open.  It is in daily life that vulnerability rises up and full acceptance of the moment becomes our way forward.
Life is very moment to moment.   It is tired moments, fearful moments, lonely moments that define the character.  Yes, the joyful and triumphant moment when we live at our highest and truest are part of the human  experience too but it is during the daily ones that our character is formed.  Remembering that the truth of God is with us every single moment of life is the key.
I am thrilled that you had that moment of triumph over a time of high temptation, but now daily life begins.  I want you to know that I am by your side as a friend whatever the moment brings.  One suggestion.  Don’t linger in moments, even the high ones but especially in the low ones.
With Love,
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