At Living The Exhale, clients discover that life can be mindfully, joyfully and abundantly lived. In fact, that is the truth of Life in its most natural state.. 

In order to return to that dream, we must declutter, sometimes heal old wounds and more significantly unlearn all that we have accumulated that no longer serves us. This process of dis-identifying from our ego/unconscious programs, is so much easier when guided by someone who has done the work themselves. Danielle serves as a guide post, a helpful reminder of what is possible and how to begin to listen to yourself to discover the next right steps..

In learning how to unlearn thoughts and habits that aren’t working, we make space to learn and practice that habits that we want our future self to be. Life becomes more at ease.. Living the continually in the present becoming a better version of ourselves each day. Danielle guides client’s through reparenting themselves and helping them become their own self-healer so that they can deliberately create the lives they want to live. Through meditation and mindfulness practices with Danielle, clients discover that there is a silent observer to our thoughts, an awareness that when lived in, dissolves suffering. Often times we are identified with our thoughts, can’t get our mind to shut off and can’t seem to break habits that no longer serve us. Danielle seamlessly blends her years of eastern teachings and the latest research in neuroplasticity to help clients re-parent and rewire their habits and thoughts. By focusing on exhaling, literally and figuratively, client’s learn to continually surrender in each moment rather than clogging up the present with past and future suffering. Through this act of surrendering, EVERYTHING comes to you..You can begin to live at ease, living the exhale.

So you have a choice… continue to swim against the current (resist the suffering, the present moment, and life as it is) OR allow the river of life to carry you, become a happy learner and see where the current takes you. You may even enjoy the ride..

Let’s get started.

-Danielle Shields, LMHC

Danielle owns Living the Exhale and serves clients as a Mindfulness Therapist with a speciality in spiritual guidance. Danielle is also a Meditation and Hatha Yoga Instructor. Danielle is practicing in Fort Myers, FL and currently accepting clients.

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