Living the Exhale 

At Living The Exhale, I believe that life can be mindfully, joyfully and abundantly lived. In fact, that is life in its most natural state.

In order to return to that dream, we must declutter, sometimes heal old wounds and more significantly unlearn all that we have accumulated that no longer serves us. By learning how to unlearn, life becomes more at ease.. Living the continual “let go”. Through meditation, it was discovered that there is a silent observer to our thoughts, true presence and that breath happens automatically, without any effort. But sometimes we resist, argue against life and say, “No” to the now. By focusing on the exhale, you are continually surrendering, consistently letting go. Through this act of relinquishing, everything comes to you. You can begin to live at ease, Living the Exhale.

So You have a choice… Continue to swim against the current (back to where you think you should be or wish you were) and suffer OR allow the river to carry you, maybe even enjoy the ride.

Lets get started.

-Danielle Shields, LMHC

Danielle owns Living the Exhale and serves clients as a Mindfulness Therapist with a speciality in spiritual guidance. Danielle is also a Meditation and Hatha Yoga Instructor. Danielle is practicing in Fort Myers, FL and currently accepting clients.


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